2. Why Learn German

Results of working group 2: Creating new marketing / promotional materials – Why learn German? (Protokoll by Craig Childers)

1.    Centralize the distribution of physical marketing and promotional materials: one webshop for all items.
·         The best way is to expand the already existing AATG webshop. For this purpose, the search function and the navigation must be improved so that materials can easily be found.
·         Subsequently, the AATG webshop must be actively promoted by AATG chapters and the Goethe-Institut
·         The prices of the materials must be kept affordable
·         Ideas for new promotional material:
·   A button making starter kit with which the kids can make their own buttons
·   An APP for the iPhone???
2.    Coordinate with Goethe-Institutes in region to centralize all promo/advocacy brochures, PPTs/PDFs, videos, etc.
·         One website where all materials and brochures can be downloaded with links to the AATG webshop where printed brochures, etc. can be ordered: www.goethe.de/usa
·         This will ensure that only the most up-to-date versions are available online
3.    Develop a business German brochure: “German Means Business”
·         Trying to lure more people into learning German by highlighting that German is an important language in the business field
4.    Use social network media more effectively to promote the German language and also in order to establish a community of German learners
·         Creating a Facebook page with the latest news about German music and news in general.
·         Integrate a YouTube channel into the website with music videos and maybe also short films and scenes
5.    Create a version of the German Information Center email newsletter This Week in Germany for younger audiences with a focus on youth culture, music, etc.
·         Similar to Facebook Page with the latest information that interest young people
·         Clear and brief!
·         In German and English
6.    Guidance counselors should be better informed about why learning German is useful.
·         Special brochures and extra materials for this specific target group should be developed