1: Business Partnerships

Results of Subgroups

Group 1:  Amanda Sheffer (Protokoll) Click to enlarge

Group 2 Results (Protokoll Deborah Mifflin)

1.  Each initiative to create a business partnership should first set the goals.  It is to get funding, to set up an internship program, to set up a scholarship for study abroad, to promote community interaction with local businesses.

2.  Consider the perspective of the Business Partner in order to target your message.  What's in it for them?  Perhaps they would like to highlight their business or fulfill a business plan for their employees for community outreach & volunteerism.

3.  Create a local listing of companies.  a.  German & European companies doing business in the area; and b.  US companies with German ties.   Find out about language needs & policies of the business.

4.  Ideas to establish a local business partnership.  a.  Invite the business to an event at the school - Career Day Panel, Campus Weeks, Alumni Panel, etc.;  b.  Coordinate goals of the partnership with the curriculum, if possible.

5.   CONCRETE ACTION PLAN.  We will create localized business contact lists for

Washington, DC:  Vernessa White-Jackson (Howard University), Van Katsikiotis (Catholic)
Loudoun County, VA:  Karen Plummer
Winchester, VA:  Karlena Sakas (John Handley HS)
Baltimore:  Brigitte May (UMBC) & Deborah Mifflin (Johns Hopkins)

We will begin to have conversations at institutional level to identify specific needs and interests.
We will create localized information for distribution (brochures, websites) like a 'Did you know...'